“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

Energy Healing

A reiki session can be conducted in person or via distance, they are both effective as you do not need to be physically present. An in person session generally lasts from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. I will place my hands in various positions on or near your body and will call in the Reiki symbols when guided to. You may feel heat, coldness, tingling or nothing at all, no two people will feel exactly the same thing. Throughout the healing, I may also receive messages, or see images which I will relay to you at the end of the treatment.

A distant session consists of sending healing energy to you energetically by connecting with your own divine essence. A distant session is just as effective as an in person session.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Creates deep relaxation

Reduces stress

A greater sense of clarity

Increases energy levels

Enables spiritual growth

Intuitive Healing

I work intuitively and no two healings are ever the same. Firstly, I spend time tuning into your unique energy field to see what comes up and what areas are called to be worked on. The healing is facilitated through me and connects your higher self to mine and works on a deep soul level.

Throughout the healing I use a combination of modalities – which are guided by your higher self. During the healing it is not unusual for both of us to receive messages, words, pictures and feelings. Due to the nature of this healing, I allocate 10 minutes after the healing where we can share any insights we have had.

I can also conduct this healing from a distance and record messages as they come through. This type of healing is just as effective via distance as it is in person.

Benefits of Intuitive Healing

A greater sense of awareness

Helps shift mental blockages

Helps shift physical blockages

Enables spiritual growth

Sound Healing

Sound healing encourages things that no longer serve us to gently shift out and away from the body. It can be an enormously powerful experience and help facilitate change.

I place you in inside a copper pyramid to amplify the energy and will use a range of tools to tune into your unique energy. I commonly use singing bowls, chimes, drums, voice and solfeggio frequencies to allow the sound healing to work on a deep level.

Each sound healing session is different as there is no set format for an intuitive sound healing session; it is guided by spirit and intent.

Sound Massage was established in Germany by and is now recognised as a healing modality worldwide.

A typical session consists of an initial consultation to establish your needs. We discuss any pain you may be experiencing and what areas you would like to work on. Each session is tailored specifically to fit your needs, lasting approximately 45 mins.

I will first place the bowls on and around your body before playing them gently to fully immerse you in healing sound, whilst directing energy. Both the front and back sides are done.  The entire experience is very gentle and soothing. After the treatment is completed we will debrief and discuss if any further sessions are required. There is no need to undress for this type of treatment.


Benefits of  Sound Healing

Is non invasive

Harmonises the body

Provides space to let go of what no longer serves us

Increases energy levels

Is supportive to many other therapies

Helping you feel empowered so you can heal yourself.

To find out more or to book an appointment – please feel free to contact me.


“Rachel was very considerate of my needs, and was able to provide a session that literally left me speechless. She has a perfectly fitted room for her works that make you feel at home, and also two of the most adorably gorgeous cats you have ever seen!”
– Grant

“Your Reiki helped me focus much more and I feel that you have helped me very much in regards to understanding what I need to do for the benefit of myself and pass it on to others. Keep passing it on. Love, peace and happiness, yours truly”
– Christine

"This Beautiful Soul blessed me with a healing. It worked on all levels, Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. She also provided some insight through the report she sent to me. Thank you again, Blessings, Love and Light Sandie xxx”.
– Sandie