So, who’s afraid of the ‘big bad rat’? Most people are. Why are rats feared so much? It is not societies fault that we are so afraid of them. We have been programmed and conditioned from a young age to be afraid of rats. We are told they are dirty; they bite and are a pest. I too used to fear rats but one night my perspective shifted.

I was sitting outside one evening. It was a beautiful night – the sky was clear, and the moon was visible. I was intently watching the sky and was so captivated by it that I missed him at first. Then I saw him – I saw a rat crossing my path, my first instinct was to freeze and be afraid. I then checked in with myself and asked what was it about this rat that was so terrifying?  Why was I afraid? I then realised there was not anything terrifying about it at all. In fact, it was just programming that was in my mind saying that ‘rats are scary’. I sat there watching the rat, he was not scary at all, he was just getting on with his evening and I had happened to see him on his way.  Once I realised that he was harmless sand there was nothing to fear, I looked at the rat quite differently. I did not see a scary being anymore, I saw a beautiful friend. I looked into his kind eyes and we connected with each other for a long moment. He then walked off but paused for a moment to take one further glance back at me. I felt such gratitude for sharing this time with the rat – It was a truly magical experience.

I went back inside and reflected on the experience I had that night. I saw it as such a gift. I thanked the universe for placing this rat in my path to help me move through some of my conditioning.  I now realise that rats are highly intelligent, are pack animals, generous, kind-hearted and loving and have much to offer.