About Rachel

The Journey

I have been on my spiritual path since my mid-teens. From a young age, I developed a strong interest in the esoteric arts and started conducting healings at age 17, doing these healings mainly via distance. At this time I was not attuned to any healing modality and worked purely intuitively, primarily guided by spirit. I have always had a fascination with energy and the effect it has on the body. In 2012 I came across the beautiful healing energy of Reiki and have been a certified Reiki practitioner ever since.

Over the years I attended many sound healing concerts where the practitioners utilised a wide range of different instruments and I was very drawn to the effect this had on the body.

I decided to study sound healing in 2014 as I had felt the benefits of being immersed in sound and am a Certified Sound Massage Therapist in the Peter Hess Method. I studied this method locally, utilising a variety of Tibetan bowls. Later that same year, I traveled overseas for some further sound healing training where it was mainly utilising the voice as a healing method.

Later in 2014 I went on to study as an Akashic Records Consultant in Bali and am trained as an Akashic Records Consultant. This course assisted me to reconnect with my own heart song and I have not looked back since! Now it is time to reconnect with yours.

Helping you feel empowered so you can heal yourself.

To find out more or to book an appointment – please feel free to contact me.

Mission & Vision

As a very strong believer in the influence of empowerment, I work with you to help you find your own voice, learn what makes you tick, and what makes your soul sing! I provide the tools you need and provide guidance along the way, but the work must be done by you. I have all the faith in the world in you, as I know you are a powerful being – now it is time to believe it! I want to see you flourish!