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About Temple of Eden

This is a place of healing, a safe haven where all beings are welcome no matter where you are at on your spiritual journey. I truly do hope you ‘find’ what you are looking for here and also ‘within’. I look forward to connecting with YOU soon!

I am an Akashic Records Reader, Energy Healer, Intuitive and Soul writer. I am here to work with you to help lessen the pressures of everyday life. Our very fast paced society often means we don’t have much of the very necessary time we need for ourselves. When moving at such a rapid pace we are often unable to hear the song of our own spirit; our true calling.

I am here to guide you on your own journey. You are your own guru and you hold all the knowledge within. I am here to help you unlock that innate wisdom.

Much love Rachel xx


Intuitive Readings and Akashic Records Readings


Sound Healing, Energy Healing and Intuitive Healing


1:1 sessions to help you to connect more deeply to your soul voice

Helping you feel empowered so you can heal yourself.

To find out more or to book an appointment – please feel free to contact me.

Latest Articles

The journey within

The journey within

The last 12 months have been quite a ride for all of us and so many things have been highlighted during these unusual times. For some; old thoughts, patterns ideas and interest have fallen away as well as relationships with others.  This can feel quite daunting and...

Who’s afraid of the big bad rat?

Who’s afraid of the big bad rat?

So, who's afraid of the 'big bad rat'? Most people are. Why are rats feared so much? It is not societies fault that we are so afraid of them. We have been programmed and conditioned from a young age to be afraid of rats. We are told they are dirty; they bite and are a...

Observation – the pathway to learning

Observation – the pathway to learning

Over the years I have done a lot of observation and people watching is one of my favourite past times. I feel you can learn so much just walking around, viewing but not directly interacting with other people. There have been moments where I have found it difficult not...


“Rachel was very considerate of my needs, and was able to provide a session that literally left me speechless. She has a perfectly fitted room for her works that make you feel at home, and also two of the most adorably gorgeous cats you have ever seen!”
– Grant

“Your Reiki helped me focus much more and I feel that you have helped me very much in regards to understanding what I need to do for the benefit of myself and pass it on to others. Keep passing it on. Love, peace and happiness, yours truly”
– Christine

"This Beautiful Soul blessed me with a healing. It worked on all levels, Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. She also provided some insight through the report she sent to me. Thank you again, Blessings, Love and Light Sandie xxx”.
– Sandie